Faculty and Staff

Nursing Faculty and Staff Directory
Nursing faculty and staff offices are located in University Hall
Undergraduate faculty and staff room 354
Graduate and DNP Office room 302
Learning Center and Simulation room 221
Nursing Enrichment and Tutoring Center room 214
Name Position Phone Email 

Full-Time Nursing Faculty

Dr. Julie Bliss Professor & Chairperson x2513 blissj@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Lydia Albuquerque Assistant Professor  x3486 albuquerquel@wpunj.edu
Dr. Faith Atte Assistant Professor, Upper Division II Co-Coordinator x3460 attef@wpunj.edu
Dr. Joset Brown Assistant Professor, Accelerated BSN Coordinator x3492 brownj127@wpunj.edu
Gendzyl Dalton Clinical Instructor  x3938 daltong@wpunj.edu 
Lisa Foley Clinical Instructor II  x3447 foleyl1@wpunj.edu
Dr. Sandra Foley Clinical Instructor II  x3443 foleys6@wpunj.edu
Dr. Cheryl Hollema Director of Graduate Nursing Program & Associate Professor x3215, 3482 hollemac@wpunj.edu
Dr. Maya Joseph Assistant Professor josephm30@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Mary Ellen Levine Assistant Professor x3490 levinem22@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Brenda Marshall Professor & DNP Coordinator x3491 marshallb3@wpunj.edu
Dr. Lizy Mathew Professor, Upper Division Level I Coordinator  x2699 mathewl@wpunj.edu
Dr. Debbie Mohammed Associate Professor x3449 mohammedd1@wpunj.edu
Dr. Daria Napierkowski Associate Professor, Upper Division Level IV Coordinator, AGNP & Post Master's coordinator x3495 Napierkowskid@wpunj.edu
Dr. Jill Nocella Associate Professor, Coordinator, Nursing Honors College  x3483 nocellaj1@wpunj.edu
Dr. Karen Phillips Professor, Upper Division Level II Co-Coordinator, School Nurse Program Coordinator x3406 phillipsk116@wpunj.edu
Dr. Sharon Puchalski Associate Professor, RN-BSN Coordinator  x3488 puchalskis1@wpunj.edu
Samantha Rueter Clinical Instructor II  x3542 rueters@wpunj.edu
Umamahesw Venugopal Assistant Professor x4495 venugopalu@wpunj.edu 

Department of Nursing Staff 

Hairo Batista Brito WP Online Advisement Specialist  x4833 batistah@wpunj.edu 
Daniela Colon WP Online Advisement Specialist, RN-BSN  x3446 colond10@wpunj.edu
Jami Jennings  Program Assistant  x3511 jenningsj3@wpunj.edu
Renee Pevour  Nursing Enrichment Coordinator x3516 pevourr@wpunj.edu
Linda Russo Simulation Coordinator  x2509 russol19@wpunj.edu 
Helena Sir  Administrative Assistant
x2253 sirh@wpunj.edu
Ivy Sosoban  Online Clinical Placement Coordinator  x2753 sosobani@wpunj.edu
Iryna Surmachevska
Clinical Contracts & Placement Coordinator x4071 surmachevskai@wpunj.edu

Emeritus Nursing Faculty 

Dr. Donita D'Amico  damicod@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Sandra DeYoung   deyoungs@wpunj.edu
Dr. Janet Tracey tracyj@wpunj.edu

Part-Time Nursing Faculty

Dr. Vivek Agnihotri Clinical Instructor II   x2522 agnihotriv@wpunj.edu
Dr. Lisa De Pue Clinical Instructor II depuel@wpunj.edu
Dr. Elisa Green Clinical Instructor II x4965 greene13@wpunj.edu 
Stephanie Herr Clinical Instructor II herrs1@wpunj.edu 
Nancy Peterson Clinical Instructor II  petersonn3@wpunj.edu
Dr. Jancy Victoria  Clinical Instructor II x4773 victoriaj3@wpunj.edu 

Adjunct Nursing Faculty 

Kathy Abel Adjunct Nursing Faculty abelk@wpunj.edu 
Olalekan Amusan Adjunct Nursing Faculty  amusano@wpunj.edu
Fred Apostodero Adjunct Nursing Faculty  apostaderof@wpunj.edu
Marvin Azares Adjunct Nursing Faculty azaresm@wpunj.edu 
Arlene Azores Adjunct Nursing Faculty azoresa@wpunj.edu 
Danilo Bernal Adjunct Nursing Faculty bernald4@wpunj.edu 
Apollo Bernardo Adjunct Nursing Faculty bernardoa7@wpunj.edu
Dr. Celeste Bethon Adjunct Nursing Faculty bethonc@wpunj.edu
Nasim Bibi Adjunct Nursing Faculty bibin@wpunj.edu 
Mary Ellen Bolton Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4071 boltonm@wpunj.edu
Marianne Cavanaugh Adjunct Nursing Faculty cavanaughm1@wpunj.edu 
Lama Chaddad Adjunct Nursing Faculty  chaddadl@wpunj.edu
Daniel (Ha Jae) Chon Adjunct Nursing Faculty  chonh@wpunj.edu
Asha Cilly Adjunct Nursing Faculty cillya@wpunj.edu 
Brittany Cluney Adjunct Nursing Faculty cluneyb@wpunj.edu 
Rita Colella Adjunct Nursing Faculty colellar@wpunj.edu 
Edith Collazzi Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x5019 collazzie@wpunj.edu
Jacqueline Correa Adjunct Nursing Faculty    correiaj@wpunj.edu
Lilibeth Cuevas Adjunct Nursing Faculty    cuevasl1@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Janet Czermak Adjunct Nursing Faculty    czermakj@wpunj.edu
Brianna Daly Adjunct Nursing Faculty dalyb3@wpunj.edu 
Rachel Dana Adjunct Nursing Faculty danar@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Raeleen De Jesus Adjunct Nursing Faculty  dejesusr6@wpunj.edu
Dr. Claire Donaghy Adjunct Nursing Faculty    donaghyc@wpunj.edu
Colin Eckert Adjunct Nursing Faculty eckertc@wpunj.edu 
Wilma Encabo Adjunct Nursing Faculty  encabow@wpunj.edu 
Rosario Estrada Adjunct Nursing Faculty  estradar3@wpunj.edu 
Heather Elepano  Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4724 elepanoh@wpunj.edu
Rosario Estrada Adjunct Nursing Faculty  estradar3@wpunj.edu
Christiam Fajardo  Adjunct Nursing Faculty    fajardoc1@wpunj.edu
Nada Farhat Adjunct Nursing Faculty farhatn@wpunj.edu 
Caryn Fitzgerald Adjunct Nursing Faculty fitzgeraldc9@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Adjunct Nursing Faculty  fitzgeralde@wpunje.du
Dr. Pamela Fonju Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4608 fonjup@wpunj.edu
Shantha Franks Adjunct Nursing Faculty frankss@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Meliza Garrido Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4320 garridom@wpunj.edu
Patricia Giaquinto Adjunct Nursing Faculty  giaquintop@wpunj.edu
Wanda Gibson Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4728 gibsonw5@wpunj.edu
Malika Gilliam Adjunct Nursing Faculty    gilliamm@wpunj.edu
Natalie Graziano Adjunct Nursing Faculty grazianon3@wpunj.edu 
Imelda Guimary Adjunct Nursing Faculty    guimaryi@wpunj.edu
Luigi Guzman Adjunct Nursing Faculty guzmanl13@wpunj.edu 
Janet Halder Adjunct Nursing Faculty    halderj@wpunj.edu
Rawan Hammoudeh Adjunct Nursing Faculty hammoudehr@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Chayna Hardy-Reid Adjunct Nursing Faculty  hardyreidc@wpunj.edu 
Helen Hodges Adjunct Nursing Faculty    hodgesh1@wpunj.edu
Maria Elena Holguin Adjunct Nursing Faculty    holguinm2@wpunj.edu
Lane Kocovsky Adjunct Nursing Faculty kocovskyl@wpunj.edu 
Tri Le Adjunct Nursing Faculty    let2@wpunj.edu
Janice Loschiavo Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4426 loschiavoj@wpunj.edu
Samantha Love Adjunct Nursing Faculty loves3@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Karen Macey-Stewart Adjunct Nursing Faculty   maceystewartk@wpunj.edu
Norma Mann Adjunct Nursing Faculty mannn3@wpunj.edu 
Cathy McCormick Adjunct Nursing Faculty   mccormackc2@wpunj.edu
Christina McSherry Adjunct Nursing Faculty mcsherryc@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Teresita Medina  Adjunct Nursing Faculty  medinat7@wpunj.edu 
Denise Menonna-Quinn Adjunct Nursing Faculty menonnaquinnd@wpunj.edu 
Jaime Muscianesi Adjunct Nursing Faculty muscianesij@wpunj.edu 
Nhat Nguyen Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4793 nguyenn5@wpunj.edu
Dr. Kaneez Odgers Adjunct Nursing Faculty x4630 odgersk@wpunj.edu
Karen Orland Adjunct Nursing Faculty orlandk1@wpunj.edu 
Dr. David Paquiao Adjunct Nursing Faculty  pacquiaod1@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Dula Pacquiao Adjunct Nursing Faculty   pacquiaod@wpunj.edu
Dr. Norman Pangilinan Adjunct Nursing Faculty x4726 pangilinann@wpunj.edu
Dr. Pamela Pascarelli Adjunct Nursing Faculty x4975 pascarellip@wpunj.edu
Allan Paz Adjunct Nursing Faculty paza2@wpunj.edu 
Nancy Peterson Adjunct Nursing Faculty x4918 petersonn3@wpunj.edu
Allyson Petruziello Adjunct Nursing Faculty petruzielloa1@wpunj.edu 
Martin Raagas Adjunct Nursing Faculty    raagasm@wpunj.edu
Manuel Ramos  Adjunct Nursing Faculty ramosm40@wpunj.edu
Mary Ramos Adjunct Nursing Faculty ramosm42@wpunj.edu 
Joel Regalado Adjunct Nursing Faculty regaladoj4@wpunj.edu 
Buffy Reilly Adjunct Nursing Faculty reillyb3@wpunj.edu 
Raymond Reynoso-Polanco Adjunct Nursing Faculty   reynosor@wpunj.edu
Christin Riefler Adjunct Nursing Faculty rieflerc@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Kimberly Rivera Adjunct Nursing Faculty    riverak@wpunj.edu
April Rockey Adjunct Nursing Faculty 4925 rockeya@wpunj.edu
Stacey Rodimer  Adjunct Nursing Faculty    rodimers@wpunj.edu
Derrick Rodriguez Adjunct Nursing Faculty  rodriguezd17@wpunj.edu
Milagros Rojas Adjunct Nursing Faculty rojasm@wpunj.edu 
Andrew Rollins Adjunct Nursing Faculty rollinsa@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Bruce Ruck Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4658 ruckb@wpunj.edu
Jennifer Ryan Adjunct Nursing Faculty ryanj19@wpunj.edu 
Mara Ruiz Adjunct Nursing Faculty  ruizm37@wpunj.edu
Jennifer Ryan Adjunct Nursing Faculty    ryanj19@wpunj.edu
Julio Santiago Adjunct Nursing Faculty  santiagoj42@wpunj.edu
Hannah Schlusser Adjunct Nursing Faculty schlusserh@wpunj.edu 
Joan Seery Adjunct Nursing Faculty    seeryj@wpunj.edu
Adriana Shubeck Adjunct Nursing Faculty shubecka@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Sheryl Slonim Adjunct Nursing Faculty   slonims@wpunj.edu
Cindy Stinson Adjunct Nursing Faculty stinsonc@wpunj.edu 
Dirksen Taguiam Adjunct Nursing Faculty    tagiumd@wpunj.edu
Jacqueline Tierney Adjunct Nursing Faculty  tierneyj2@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Daniel Verina Adjunct Nursing Faculty    verinad@wpunj.edu
Gilda Villareal Adjunct Nursing Faculty  villarealg@wpunj.edu
Eric Waga Adjunct Nursing Faculty  wagae1@wpunj.edu
Gretchen Walsh Adjunct Nursing Faculty  x4142 walshg6@wpunj.edu