Lynda Amici

Honors students present their work in Pittsburgh at the 2017 Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference.

Finding Your Greatest Strength
in the Honors College

The University Honors College at William Paterson University offers academically gifted students the space to explore new ideas and engage in intellectual and creative collaborations with experienced and dedicated members of the faculty. It offers a rigorous curriculum with a challenging array of courses, seminars, and co-curricular activities. The University Honors College provides a comprehensive educational experience that brings together the academic, residential, social, and cultural experiences of its students. It is open to students in all colleges and majors. Nearly four hundred students are currently enrolled in the Honors College.

The Benefits of Participating in the University Honors College
  • Honors College scholarships
  • First year honors cluster of linked courses taught by honors faculty
  • Priority registration privileges
  • Opportunity to live in an honors learning community in High Mountain East
  • Development of a final thesis or project with a faculty mentor
  • Opportunities to travel to conferences to present thesis or project research
  • Recognition as a graduate of the University Honors College at convocation and commencement ceremonies, as well as on the diploma and transcript