Will. Power. 101 (First Year Program)

Will. Power. 101 is a multifaceted program of structured academic and student support services designed to guide new students in building the skills to balance their coursework with enrichment activities. Will. Power. 101 executes William Paterson University’s motto – “our greatest strength is helping you find yours. 



Students say...


"Entering college as an undecided student and not having a major in mind frightened me. The overall Will. Power. 101 experience helped me realize my abilities and my true passion. Will. Power. 101 has provided me with the proper resources that I need in order to reach my full potential throughout my college journey."

-- Roseli Munoz ’23,  finance major

Maximizing Student Development

Will. Power.101 (Fall Semester) 

  • Will. Power.101 is designed to support first-year students as they transition to University expectations and skills in three areas: academics, community engagement and personal development. 
  • Students become familiar with academic skills, resources, and procedures at William Paterson University. 
  • Students gain an understanding of the WP community and around the University campus. 
  • Students engage in activities designed to improve their personal management, and study and learning skills, in order to facilitate personal growth and development. 

Will. Power. 102 (Spring Semester) 

  • Will. Power. 102 positions students to begin the process of reflective learning and connecting academics with future planning, major and career development.  
  • Students reconnect with their purpose for attending a higher learning institution and continue to build upon strategies for success.  
  • Students are encouraged to incorporate a growth mindset in their learning environment and beyond. 

(Note: Will. Power. 103  is an aggregate of Will. Power. 101 & 102 for new first time freshmen whose first semester of matriculation is the spring semester.) 

Will. Power. Program Components: 


  • Students are coupled with a Will. Power. 101 facilitators and peer leader as part of the Program, who assist in supporting and educating students about campus resources and enriching experiences. 
  • Over 60% of Will. Power. 101 facilitators are academic advisors. 
  • Over 90% of Will. Power. 101 sections have an upper-class students who serve as peer leaders. Peers model collegiate approaches to planning, and campus activities and they support learning and engagement from a student perspective. 

 Topics Covered:

  • Some of the exciting content is covered in Will. Power. 101 includes: university expectations and resources; appropriate collegiate culture & communication skills; academic integrity and skills & strategies for success; diversity, inclusion & conflict resolution; self-awareness; personal well-being; information literacy & research; leadership skills & civic engagement opportunities; and major and career exploration & planning. 

 Experiences Outside the Classroom (Module Offerings):

  • Students choose from an array of workshops/tutorials/activities/events to enhance their experiences. During the fall semester modules link students to resources at the University, academic success centers, and well-being and seek to develop leadership skills 
  • Module offerings in the spring semester include: linking students to majors, career development and future planning as well as financial literacy and research. 
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