STEM Designated Majors

Below is a listing of William Paterson University Main Campus programs of study that have been designed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as eligible for the 24-month Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension for F-1 visa holding students. You may also view the full list of full list of DHS STEM-designated degree programs online.
Please contact the office of International Students and Scholars at for information about the 24-month STEM OPT extension.

Active STEM Programs as of 03/4/2024

03.0103 BS-EVSN Environmental Sustainability BS Science and Health
03.0104 BS-ENV Environmental Science BS Science and Health
11.0101 BS-CS Computer Science BS Science and Health
11.0103 BS-IT Information Technology BS Science and Health
13.0501 CERT-AMS Certificate Associate School Library Media Specialist Education
13.0501 CERT-AMSA Certificate Assoc School Library Media Specialist Alt.Route Education
13.0501 CERT-ONL Certificate K-16 Online Learning Education
26.0101 BS-BIO-GEN Biology-General-BS Science and Health
26.0101 BS-BIO-ECO Biology-ECOLOGY-BS Science and Health
26.0101 BS-BIO-PMED Biology Pre-Med Professions BS Science and Health
26.0101 BS-BIO-ORGN Biology Organismal Biology BS Science and Health
26.0102 CERT-PBPP Post- Baccalaurate Pre-Professional Program Science and Health
26.0202 BS-MDBC Medicinal Biochemistry BS Science and Health
26.1201 MS-BIOT MS Biotechnology Science and Health
26.1201 BS-BIOT Biotechnology-BS Science and Health
27.0101 BS-Math Mathematical-BS Science and Health
27.0304 MS-APLM MS-Applied Mathematics Science and Health
30.1701 CERT-BSSR Certificate Behavioral & Social Science Research Skills AH
40.0501 BS-CHEM Chemistry- BS Science and Health
40.0501 BA-CHEM Chemistry- BA Science and Health
40.0601 BA-ESCI Earth Science BA Science and Health
40.1002 MS-MC Materials Chemistry MS Science and Health
52.1301 MS-ABA MS Applied Business Analytics Business
52.1301 CERT-BSAN Certificate Business Analytics Business
52.1301 BS-ABA Applied Business BS Business
52.1304 BS-ACT Acturial Science BS Science and Health