Study Abroad Programs


Welcome to Study Abroad at WPU! We are here to support the university community by facilitating connections between students and exceptional international educational opportunities. Familiarize yourself with our services by visiting us for drop-in advising and collaborating with our team to craft your ideal international experience.

Our commitment is to actively engage with global partnerships and offer accessible, secure, and top-notch international experiences to students. These experiences are designed to enrich their academic, personal, and cultural growth.

Eligibility: To be eligible for study abroad programs, students must maintain good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 2.50 (2.75 or ISEP). Additionally, students must complete their second year of studies before they are eligible to apply for study-abroad opportunities. Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement may not receive a recommendation but have the option to file for a study abroad appeal.

Conduct Violation: Students must not have any recent or pending criminal or student code of conduct proceedings. 

Exchange Agreement Partners:

Students from our partner institutions are able to pay tuition and fees at their home institution and enroll at WPU for one or two semesters without paying any additional tuition or fees. Similarly, the outbound WPU student is not responsible for tuition fees at the partner host institution. 

ICES International: ICES University

Artevelde University of Applied Science: Arteveldehoge School

Windesheim University of Applied Science: Windesheim University

Third-Party Programs: These study abroad programs are coordinated in collaboration with multiple institutions and are open to students from various universities. If you opt for a third-party provider program, you will have the opportunity to travel alongside students and faculty from other universities while earning WPU credit hours. These programs are available during winter and summer breaks, as well as for semester and year-long durations, and cover a wide range of academic disciplines. Please refer to the list of our partner organizations by clicking on the following link and start your application: Terradotta

Short-Term Programs

Short-term programs typically occur during summer, spring, or winter breaks. Summer programs vary in duration, ranging from 2 to 4 weeks, and offer 3 to 6 course credits. Our program offerings evolve from year to year, featuring new destinations and diverse fields of study (e.g., Communication in Fiji and Tonga, Psychology in Greece, etc.).

For summer programs, announcements and applications are usually made available in early October.

The moment has arrived to initiate your study abroad aspirations! If you aspire to live, study, and explore overseas, we are here to guide you through the process. Feel free to visit our office or reach out to us for further assistance.

Study Abroad application: Terradotta

Questions? Don't hesitate to send us an email at Study Abroad or stop by the Provost's Office, Raubinger Hall, Suite 100 to get answers!

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