Alumni Spotlight: Jeff Obiekwe, MEd ’19, LPC, Professional Counseling-Clinical Mental Health Counseling

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, meet Jeff Obiekwe, MEd '19, a certified cognitive behavior therapist.

Jeff describes his experience at WP as phenomenal, having received strong support from faculty and advisors. He received his undergraduate degree in public health and became a behavioral support specialist for adolescents with special needs. He worked with young athletes in inner cities, as he had a strong desire to advocate for and empower youth.

He credits Karen Decker, associate professor of special education, professional counseling, and disability studies, and former WP professor LaShauna Dean, for his success as a WP student. As a Black man, Jeff feels that having teachers and mentors that look like you can go a long way. Having struggled with financial challenges and a full-time job while in school, he needed the extra push from the WP community. This encouragement advanced his personal and professional success down the road.

Today, Jeff is a licensed professional counselor and founder of Trifecta Counseling LLC, with clinical experience working with adolescents, adults, and families in various diverse levels of care and treatment settings. His eclectic approach to psychotherapy includes aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, brief solution-focused therapy, multicultural counseling, family systems, and rational emotive and relational mindfulness.

Jeff’s advice for future WP graduates: “Sometimes it’s not easy. Be resilient. Ask questions. Keep pushing towards the finish line because it is worth it in the end.”