The WPU chapter of New Jersey ACE-NET has taken an aggressive approach to identifying the women who can grow from this network, developing the means to grow in our careers, encouraging us to reach for higher ground and overcome obstacles, advancing our cause at every opportunity, linking us with our colleagues in trusting, meaningful relationships that help us along our career paths, and supporting us in our efforts to become more than we ever thought we could. Since its inception in Summer 2004, the William Paterson University chapter has continued to offer events and meetings that bring women in higher education together.




ACE-NET's 2016 Annual Breakfast


ACE-NET’s 2015 Annual Breakfast with Kathy Waldron, Special Guest Lourdes Cortez.

Held on March 27, 2015.

Breakfast with Waldron

From left: Kathy Waldron, Lourdes Cortez, Jean Fuller-Stanley

 Breakfast with Waldron

From left: Madhuri Mukherjee, Susan Dinan, Kathy Waldron, Lourdes Cortez, Jean Fuller-Stanley, and Manina Urgola-Huckvale