Library Events

  • Library Auditorium- PSY 2500 Class- Mendez
    04/24/15 05:00 PM - 04/24/15 07:30 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- Admissions Tour- Baker
    04/25/15 09:00 AM - 04/25/15 03:00 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- Visiting Artist Lecture Series- Brehm
    04/27/15 02:00 PM - 04/27/15 03:00 PM

    Campus Community

  • Library Auditorium- Psychology Film Series- Holle
    04/27/15 06:30 PM - 04/27/15 10:00 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Paterson Room - Advisement Council - V. Wagner
    04/28/15 11:30 AM - 04/28/15 12:30 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Opening Reception for Paterson Metropolitan Region
    04/28/15 04:00 PM - 04/28/15 06:00 PM

    Opening reception of the Paterson Metropolitan Region Research Center highlighting the university’s varied interdisciplinary involvements with agencies, businesses, organizations, and schools in the Paterson Metropolitan Region.

    Join us for displays, exhibits, videos and dialogue on our long-standing relationship with the region.

    Refreshments provided Music by The William Paterson University Jazz Quintet

    RSVP to Debra Wilson Brown by 4/22 at 973.720.2274 or

    Location: Atrium
  • Library Auditorium- PBHL 3150-70 & 71 Class Meeting- Suppa
    04/28/15 05:00 PM - 04/28/15 07:30 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- Visiting Artist Lecture Series- Brehm
    04/29/15 02:00 PM - 04/29/15 03:00 PM

    Campus Community

  • Library Auditorium- English Graduate Colloquium- Jackson
    04/29/15 06:00 PM - 04/29/15 07:30 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Paterson Room - English Graduate Colloquium - Jackson
    04/29/15 07:00 PM - 04/29/15 08:30 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Library Auditorium-- Philosophy Film Club-- Rivera-Berruz
    04/30/15 12:15 PM - 04/30/15 01:45 PM

    Registered Students

  • Identity Theft Workshop
    04/30/15 12:30 PM - 04/30/15 01:30 PM

    The Office of the Passaic County Sheriff, together with  Circle of Influence (COI)…a program by adult volunteers, will present this FREE program to William Paterson University students.  Think it can't happen to you?  Think again!  Following types of fraud will be covered…how fraud happens and how to protect yourself.  All WPU students welcome and College of Business (COB) students earn Professional Enrichment (PE) points for attending this workshop. Free light lunch. 

    To register or more information, or call 973 720.3690.

    Location: College of Business, 1600 Valley Road, Room 1007-1008
  • Paterson Room - History Department Meeting - Williams
    04/30/15 12:30 PM - 04/30/15 02:00 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Library Auditorium- Visiting Artist Lecture Series- Brehm
    04/30/15 02:00 PM - 04/30/15 03:00 PM

    Campus Community

  • Library Auditorium- HIV Educational Lecture- Pevour
    04/30/15 05:00 PM - 04/30/15 07:30 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- Degree Works Orientation- Kroh
    05/01/15 10:00 AM - 05/01/15 12:00 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- History Day- Tanis
    05/02/15 08:00 AM - 05/02/15 04:00 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Library Auditorium- Artist Talk- Evangelista
    05/07/15 11:00 AM - 05/07/15 12:00 PM

    Campus Community

  • Library Auditorium- Nursing Thesis Presentations- Pevour
    05/07/15 05:00 PM - 05/07/15 07:00 PM

    Registered Students Only

  • Library Auditorium- Student Research Poster Presentation- Garcia
    05/08/15 09:30 AM - 05/08/15 11:00 AM

    Registered Students Only

  • Glen Burtnik‚Äôs Summer of Love Concert The Music of the Woodstock Generation
    05/09/15 08:00 PM - 05/09/15 08:00 PM

    Admission: Gold Circle $35.00 • Rear Orchestra/Front Loge $30.00 • Rear Loge $25.00

    The Summer of Love Concert, a tribute to the music of the Woodstock Generation, returns to the Shea Center along with the famous Pig Light Show. Whether this is your third year with us or your first, you'll hear songs that you have never heard before, as well as some of your Summer of Love favorites commemorating the musical landscape between 1967 and 1969. Hear the greatest hits from The Doors, Donovan, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, Country Joe and The Fish, Cream, The Beach Boys, Otis Redding, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, and more, led by the brilliant music direction of Glen Burtnik and played by an ensemble of gifted, local talent!

    Location: Shea Center
  • Library Auditorium- CWA General Membership Meeting- Quackenbush
    05/12/15 12:00 PM - 05/12/15 02:00 PM

    Invited Guests Only

  • Government Contract Workshop for Small Business
    06/18/15 09:00 AM - 06/18/15 12:00 PM

    This hands-on workshop is the next step for business owners who want to expand their marketing efforts beyond their current customer base.

    The Defense Procurement Technical Assistance Center will help your firm market to government agencies, such as DoD, EPA, DOE, FAA, State of New Jersey, schools, post offices, local municipalities, as well as large businesses such as IBM, Lockheed and the casinos.  How to get in the door! This course will teach you about tools such as Small Disadvantaged Business/8a, Hubzone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, or Minority/Women certifications that will give your business a marketing edge. You will be given step by step instructions as to how to complete the Central Contractor Registration, the only place to register to get contracts with the Government and to showcase your services to large corporations. You have to be in it to win it! Additionally, we will review the government payment system “Wide Area Work Flow”, so you can get paid within a week of delivery.

    You will receive a listing of small business specialists at various agencies and large businesses so you can avoid the “cold call”, since these individuals are tasked to assist you.  The Center will bid match you with buyers free of charge so that you will discover who is buying your goods or services, and we will assist in the review of bidding opportunities. If you know what you sell and how much, we can fill in the blanks for you with free follow-up counseling sessions, CCR and certification pod casts so that you can have instruction at home at your convenience.

    Instructor:  Dolcey E. Chaplin, Esq.
    Time:  9:00am – 12:00pm
    Fee: Free

    For information and registration, call 973-720-2354.

    Location: Cotsakos College of Business,1600 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ, Lab G016
  • Creating a Winning Business Plan
    01/19/16 03:00 PM - 01/19/16 03:00 PM

    A business plan is the key tool for all phases of a business from startup to expansion. The components of a business plan are executive summary, cover letter, organization plan, financial and supporting documents which are all necessary for obtaining SBA loans or loans from venture capitalists and angel investors.  This seminar entails the preparation of a sound and detailed business plan which is necessary for managing a business more effectively.

    Dates:  Friday(s)

    Location: WPU SBDC, 131 Ellison Street, Paterson, NJ 07505