2014 Honors Cluster Hike


Honors College Mission Statement 


The University Honors College at William Paterson University is a place where academically gifted students explore new ideas and engage in intellectual and creative collaborations with experienced and dedicated members of the faculty. The University Honors College offers rigorous curriculum with a challenging array of courses, seminars and co-curricular activities.

The University Honors College offers students a comprehensive educational experience that brings together the academic, residential, social and cultural experiences of its students. The College provides students with many opportunities to receive personalized attention from members of the faculty, in small classes that encourage discussion and debate, in independent tutorials where advanced students work privately with professors in their major area on a thesis or project of their own creation, in the residence living communities that will be visited regularly by professors and staff members, and in social activities that bring together the Honors community.

Students in the University Honors College take advantage of the University’s wide ranging offerings, and augment them by developing individualized programs of study. Honors students have greater flexibility in choosing their University Core Curriculum courses and their Honors tracks. Honors students often also pursue minors and double majors. A goal of the University Honors College is to facilitate interdisciplinary study for all students, in first year clusters, in the tracks, and in the thesis.

The University Honors College is a community that includes all students enrolled in Honors University Core Curriculum classes, all students participating in a track, all faculty members teaching in Honors, all faculty overseeing a thesis, and all members of the University Honors College staff.


The Benefits of participating in the University Honors College:

  • Small, interactive classes with highly qualified professors who are committed to their students
  • Individual attention and opportunities to collaborate with professors and peers
  • Development of a final thesis or project with a faculty mentor
  • Priority registration for all courses
  • Advisement from both a faculty member of the major department, and a member of the University Honors College
  • Opportunities to study abroad and throughout the United States with other Honors students
  • Opportunities to travel to conferences to present thesis or project research
  • Opportunity to live in an Honors Learning Community in High Mountain East residence hall
  • Opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities like field trips, outings and social gatherings with Honors students and faculty
  • Special notation of Honors on degree transcript and University diploma
  • Recognition as a graduate of the University Honors College at Convocation and Commencement ceremonies