Learning Technologies, 5-Course Certificate

Please contact Hilary Wilder (wilderh@wpunj.edu) for more information

This 15-credit online program will provide a post-master’s certificate for teachers who want to expand their expertise in Educational Technology in order to play key roles in the technology planning and professional development in their own schools and districts. Teacher-leaders with this certificate will be fully prepared to serve as facilitators and coordinators in their schools. The program requirements include the completion of 5 graduate educational technology courses (nationally-recognized in 2010 for Technology Facilitator qualification by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)) and a comprehensive electronic portfolio.

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  • Dr. Hilary Wilder: LT Certificate Program Director
    Phone: 973-720-2410; Fax: 973-720-3094
    Office: 1600 Valley Rd. Rm. 3098
  • Dr. Heejung An
    Phone: 973-720-2280
    Office: 1600 Valley Rd. Rm. 4090

Entry Requirements:

Each applicant must demonstrate that he or she can fulfill the requirements of the program, including the ability to read and write at a graduate level, the capability to do graduate level academic work, and an interest in educational theory and practice. Toward this end the requirements for admission are:

  • A Masters in Education degree, completion of a similar graduate program or comparable graduate experience
  • A copy of a teaching certificate and/or a resume of any teaching or educational work the applicant has performed.
  • Basic technology literacy skills including computer, internet and standard software application usage
  • Applicant should schedule a personal interview with the program administrator as part of the acceptance process.


Course Requirements: 15 Credits*
Course Number and Title (all courses will be online) Credits
ELCL 6050: Instructional Technology Foundations & History 3
ELCL 6110: Designing Technology-Mediated Instruction * 3
ELCL 6120: Technology-Based Assessment & Evaluation* 3
ELCL 6240: Field Experience in Instructional Technologies 3
ELCL 6250: Leadership and Learning Technologies 3
Post-Master's Course Options for Supervisory Certificate:  
EDLP 6040 Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice * 3
EDLP 6090 Supervision and Evaluation: People, Programs, and Performance Appraisal * 3


*This course counts toward post-master's 12 credit Supervisory Certificate

Exit Requirements:

Completion of an Electronic Portfolio aligned to the ISTE Technology Coach standards.