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Create an account by going to FOCUS 2
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What is FOCUS?

It is an interactive computer program to help you identify your skills, values, and interests so that you can discover what careers might be right for you. You will be able to explore and analyze a variety of potential career paths and see the requirements to reach this career goal.


FOCUS can help you:

  • Discover your career-related interests, values, talents, personality and skills
  • Broaden your potential career paths
  • Explore and analyze occupational paths that appeal to you
  • Map out realistic goals and plans
  • Identify educational programs, skills, and work experiences you will need to achieve your goals

FOCUS is divided up into 7 phases. It is simple to use because the program guides you through each phase and on to the next. To complete the whole program it can vary between 60-90 minutes, depending on how many occupations you examine.


Phase 1: Analyze Your Career Planning Status

  • Improves your career planning methods and techniques
  • Helps you make the most effective use of FOCUS


Phase 2: Self-Assess Your Interests, Values, and Skills

  • Creates a profile of your interests, work values, and skills


Phase 3: Explore and Analyze Occupations Based on Your Interests and Work Values

  • Helps identify and analyze occupations which match your interests and work-related values


Phase 4: Explore and Analyze Occupations Based on Educational Areas of Study, Training, and Skills

  • Helps answer the questions, "What kind of occupations can I enter if I major in...?" and, "Which occupations best match my skills?


Phase 5: Search and Analyze Occupations Based on Type of Work and Life Values

  • Identifies work areas which appeal to you
  • Rank your values by order of personal importance
  • Identifies occupations you wish to analyze


Phase 6: Get Information About Specific Occupations

  • Learn facts about occupations that interest you


Phase 7: Summarize Your Personal Development Needs

  • Help think about what kind of experiences and training you need to achieve your career objectives


How to create an account

Create an account by going to FOCUS 2
Use the keycode: wpunj32

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